Reminder of Summer Pet Hazards

We all relax if we can over the summer — what we don’t want to do is to relax our concerns about some summer hazards for our pets.

  1. Never leave your pet inside a hot car. It is an “oven” in there. It might just be the time to leave your pet at home in the wonderful air-conditioned home out of the sun.
  2. The pavement is hot. If you don’t want to walk on it because it will burn your feet, remember it is the same for your pets as well.
  3. They will be thirsty. As we all get thirsty with the hot weather, remember to keep a good supply of cool water available to your pets. They may be going through it a bit faster at this time of the year.
  4. The shade is important. Make sure that pets that are frequently outside have an area that they can get to that is shaded. No one wants to have the sun beating down on them consistently.
  5. Parasite protection is important. As the weather is warmer, the parasites and bugs multiply faster. No one wants to be itchy, so make sure you have some protection that is right for your pet.
  6. Food gets rancid faster. Remember to clean bowls more routinely and change over the food a bit quicker. Food that sits out in the hot weather is not good for either them or us.
  7. Proper grooming. Make sure your pet is adequately groomed. It can mean being brushed out routinely to get rid of the shedding heavy hair, or clipped short to give your pet some relief from the humidity.
  8. Keep their sleeping area clean. Switch out the bedding for lighter bedding, change up the bedding more routinely. Make sure all remain dry to avoid unwanted pests.

All these things and more will make it a much more enjoyable season for you and your furry loved ones!

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Written by: Lisa Clifford, RVT/Office Manager