When Is the Right Time to Get a New Pet?

It is a very difficult time when you have lost a pet. Whether it’s from an illness, accident or euthanasia, it is always hard. They are family and become a part of our heart. It is equally hard to know when to bring a new pet into our family.

Often when we lose a pet, we are left with an emptiness both mental and physical. For some, it is best to wait until it feels right to bring a new one in, but for others, we need the comfort that the companionship brings.

Are you able to give the appropriate time to the new pet as you need? If you are bringing in a young pet do you have the time to deal with house training, obedience training and the general “business” of a young pet or a rescued pet?

Are you prepared for different costs involved with a new pet? If getting a young pet, remember it may still need to be spayed or neutered and given vaccines with boosters. If getting a rescued or older pet, there could be costs with testing or medications. Make sure you are prepared.

Some people need to wait until the right pet “comes their way” or it feels right, while others need to go out looking for a new pet.

Either way, you should have no guilt about bringing in a new pet. You are not replacing the old pet you are bringing someone new into your family to share the caring that you have to give.

Written by: Manitou Animal Hospital