Cleaning out Your Linens

Spring cleaning or Fall cleaning it doesn’t matter – sometimes it is good to replace our towels, and blankets. Consider what to do with them.

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Tapeworms in Cats

Cats can get tapeworms – even those cats that never go outside!

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Why Cats Need Vet Clinic Visits

Cats are often the forgotten pet when it comes to routine annual visits to the veterinary clinic. Cats, however, need to be yearly checked over as well, even those that are indoors.

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“Swimmer’s Tail”

Does your dog love the water? Do they spend the whole weekend swimming with the kids at the cottage? Every once and a while, a dog can develop “swimmers tail,” officially called Acute Caudal Myopathy.

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Bring Home a New Baby to Your Pets

Recently one of our staff went on maternity leave (congrats!), and this got us thinking about what to do to make the transition of a new little person to the home much smoother on your pet.

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