Holiday Hazards for Your Pet

The holiday season is filled with lots of fun and happy times with friends and family, but we must remember some of our holiday traditions can be a hazard for our furry friends.

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Kennel Cough

“Kennel Cough” the name given to an upper respiratory tract infection. Many different things can cause it, but the most common is a bacterium called Bordetella.

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Why Not to Give a Pet as a Christmas Gift

The first dog that we got as adults was in March and it was a 4-month-old Terrier Beagle cross. We got him from the humane society.

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Sweet but Deadly!

Ethylene glycol, commonly found in antifreeze, is a toxic substance to canines. It is attractive to them, due to its sweet smell and taste.

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Introducing Your New Dog to Your Resident Dog

Recently my roommate adopted a 5-month-old Corgi to move in with us. I already have a 1.5-year-old Collie/Shepherd mix who tends to be protective of her property. I’ll be honest; I was nervous about their first meeting!

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