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Senior Pets

The senior stage of a pets life can be a wonderful, but sometimes difficult time. It’s difficult that pets age so much faster than us. Common things we see in our senior pets include slowing down, difficulty getting around, decreased hearing and sight, sometimes a decreased sense of smell.


Dogs and Bird Seed

We all like to see the birds in the yard, and many of us have set up feeders in the yard to watch them and offer up good things to eat. One thing though that we should be aware of is that the food is for the birds and not...

sad dog

“Swimmer’s Tail”

Does your dog love the water? Do they spend the whole weekend swimming with the kids at the cottage? Every once and a while, a dog can develop “swimmers tail,” officially called Acute Caudal Myopathy.

Dog staring at marijuana leaf

Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

As marijuana becomes more available, we have seen more poisoning in our clinic. We need to be more careful about having it around our pets. Recreational “pot” is a moderate to severe toxic to our pets.