Blog: Pet Parasite Prevention


Tapeworms in Cats

Cats can get tapeworms – even those cats that never go outside!

fleas & ticks

Worries with Flea Collars

No one wants fleas in their home. Once established in the home, they can take months to get under control. They bite, can cause sores and can even carry disease. Often the first thing you want to do is run out to buy a flea collar.


Let’s Talk about Poop

Stool, feces, poop – it’s all the same and oh, so useful. Don’t you find it odd how often the clinic asks you about your pet’s stool? We always want to know if your pet has it, how much, what it looks like, etc. We can get a lot of...


Client Education Nights – Numbers Don’t Make the Night

We have just started something new here at the clinic – Client Education Nights.