Travelling Overseas with Your Pet

It is stressful enough to travel without your pets, but once you add that to mix, it makes it more worrisome. You do not want to be sent back home from the airport for not having the right stuff.

It is best to check with both your airlines and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (as they deal with travel for pets) about the specific requirements needed for travelling with your pet. Depending on the country that you are going to it may be quite involved.

Some countries have a quarantine period (that can be up to 6 months!) once you get your pet there. Often this is for countries that do not have Rabies or are islands.

Some countries require that you have special blood work done at certain intervals before you can bring in your pet to their country. Some countries require certain medications to be given at particular times before travel. It is usually for deworming and to avoid bringing diseases into their country.

You are likely to require an exam with your vet and possibly another with a travelling vet. Most definitely there will be some additional costs involved as well.

The paperwork for each country is different as well. Just travelling to the US needs a current Rabies certificate and an International Health Certificate, but some foreign countries require up to a 14-page form be filled out. These forms are VERY specific and must be filled out in an exact way, or again they will send your pet home.

The best would be for you to contact the Food Inspection Agency Vet. (1-226-217-8555). Make sure you have the correct paperwork and make sure that it is filled out correctly. If all is prepared then it will make is less stressful for you and taking your pet with you will be smoother.

Written by: Manitou Animal Hospital