Bring Home a New Baby to Your Pets

Recently one of our staff went on maternity leave (congrats!), and this got us thinking about what to do to make the transition of a new little person to the home much smoother on your pet.

Consider prepping your pet before the baby comes home:

  • Have the furniture set up and baby things around so your pet can see and smell them.
  • If your pet is bonded with the mom, try getting it more accustomed to another family member.
  • Turn on the baby swing, monitor, and use products around you with the baby to build familiarity.
  • Encourage other friends or family with babies to visit.
  • Make sure pet care is covered for when you are away at the hospital.
  • Bring home a blanket with the baby’s scent on it from the hospital, before family comes home for your pet to sniff.
  • Consider purchasing a pheromone spray or plugin that can be used before and then during the transition; this often helps to take the edge off the pet’s stress.

Once home, there are a few things to work on as well:

  • When you come home to greet your pet as you did before the baby came home.
  • Offer your pet treats when coming in.
  • Make the pet view this as a good thing.
  • Never force your pet to get near your baby, let it happen gradually.
  • Supervise interactions.

Life will be hectic, and even crazy with your new little bundle of joy, but we want to make sure that not too stressful for your precious bundles of joy.

Written by Manitou Animal Hospital