Fireworks and Pets

I love fireworks, but my dog hates them. She tries to climb onto your head while shaking like a leaf. We do what we can to try to help her get through them and relax, and there are many things that you can do as well for your pets.

Consider leaving your dog at home if you are going to fireworks. It is a light show, and they don’t get the “ooh’s” and “aah’s” out of them, as we do. If you know that fireworks are being used near your home, consider having your pet in a safe, inside room or basement, where there will be less chance of them hearing and feeling the loud booms.

Consider trying to get their mind off what is going on around them. Consider this an appropriate time to work on training. Go through the commands: sit, stay, down, etc. Work on a new trick, anything to direct their mind somewhere else. Talk evenly and comforting to your pet and avoid feeding into the stress with your voice, by sounding panicked. They will feed off how you are responding as well.

If things are just too stressful for your pet, there are things from the clinic and may help. We can use products such as Adaptil. This is a pheromone-based product that triggers a calm site in the brain to be less stressed by situations. It comes in a collar, spray or plug-in, and we have success with this. There are also homeopathic drops that we have that some owners feel help. There are also oral calming products such as chews, and pills. Some pets get so stressed by the fireworks, that they require a mild sedative to get through the season.

So, enjoy the light show, while making sure that it is not too much worry for your pet!

Written by Manitou Animal Hospital