Naming Your Pet

It is hard (though fun) to name your pet. Lots of different things can come into play when looking at a great name for your new family member.

Consider some of these options:

  • Do they remind you of someone or a character, or do they do something repeatedly that helps form a name? Would they be a Princess or a Chewy?
  • Are they a special colour or pattern of colours, that make you think of a name? For example, a dog named Brulee that is the colour of the dessert.
  • Do you think a name that is easy to remember may be the best name for you? One that is familiar or reminds you of pet you may have known before?
  • Consider a name that is easy to call out to the pet. If you are shouting it outside for them to come in, you might want something that is only a few syllables, versus a whole mouthful.

You need to find one that suits your new friend and works well to call and say, whether you are cuddling on the couch, or calling to give a treat. Regardless of what it is, or how it came about, it will be right for you both!

Written by Manitou Animal Hospital



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