Cleaning out Your Linens

Spring cleaning or Fall cleaning it doesn’t matter – sometimes it is good to replace our towels, and blankets. Consider what to do with them.

Have you thought about donating them to animals? At the clinic, we use many towels and blankets daily (we do a lot of laundry). They are used to line the cages and kennels that we have the pets here in. They keep them comfortable before and after surgery. They are put onto the surgery tables to again help with warmth, as your temperature drops during surgery. We make them into cozy curled shapes, as we know that cats like to feel secure and slightly enclosed. We use them to hold onto scared pets again to give them a comfortable feeling when we are doing some treatments.

We use what we get donated to us, and they get a lot of wear and tear, as they are washed after every use and gradually become threadbare. We can always use some towels and smaller blankets.

The Humane Society is currently good for towels (though they do have a wish list for other items) consider speaking with many of the local rescue groups and see what their needs are. It is good to pass things along to those in need.

Written by Lisa Clifford, RVT