Reminder of Summer Pet Hazards

We all relax if we can over the summer — what we don’t want to do is to relax our concerns about some summer hazards for our pets.

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What to Do If You Are Bitten?

What Happens if You are Bitten? If you are bitten by a dog while out there are some things that you should do: Get the name and contact information about the owner – this is so Public Health can follow up with them Wash the area immediately and then head to get medical care. Doctors are […]

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Lone Star Tick (Amblyomma Americanum)

The Lone Star Tick is a new traveller from the US and expanding its range each year.

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Going Away and Leaving Your Pet Behind

It is summertime, and everyone wants to go away for a bit of a holiday.

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As the weather gets warmer and bugs are flying around, we need to be extra careful to maggots setting up in our pets.

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