Blog: Cat


Cat Vaccinations

We use vaccines to help protect cats against common viruses that are easily transmitted in the environment.

Overweight Cat Help

Overweight and obese cats are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, joint pain, muscle loss, behavioural problems, inappropriate elimination, urinary crystals and UTIs. Often these cats are at least mildly depressed, they tend to have poorer haircoats due to limited grooming abilities.


Cat Nail Trimming

As a group, cats tend to be fastidious groomers and LOVE to be clean. As their humans, we need to help them keep their nails trimmed, keep their hair from matting, and keep their skin healthy.


Cat Dental Care

Dental care begins at home as kittens – brushing teeth daily, recognizing what is bad breath and gingivitis. You know the saying, prevention is the best medicine!