As the weather gets warmer and bugs are flying around, we need to be extra careful to maggots setting up in our pets. Flies reproduce by laying eggs, and these eggs hatch into larvae (maggots). Some pets are more susceptible to having an issue with them, such as furry pets, outside pets and older ones.

The flies are attracted to wounds, and areas that have feces and urine on them. What happens is the flies lay the eggs, which hatch and then the maggots will need to eat on the diseased skin. They will sometimes even eat healthy tissue as well.

If noticed treatment should begin by removing all the hair and soiled material right away, the maggots need to all be removed from the wound as well. Wash and clean it good. It will likely need to be seen by the veterinarian as the pet needs both oral antibiotics and topical treatment as well. Sometimes it may need more extensive surgical treatments.

The best way to avoid them is to prevent them. Keep all wounds and irritations clean. Keep the hind end of your pet clean. Especially important around the vulva and the anus that the fur here is keep washed and possibly trimmed. Routinely check these areas.

If you have any questions about maggots, give us a call at 519.893.1360.

Written by: Manitou Animal Hospital