Spring Cleaning your Pet

As we approach the warmer weather and look to do some “spring cleaning” in our homes, consider doing this with your pet as well. I admit I have been a bit lax this year with the grooming of my dogs and let them get a bit too shaggy. Now back from the groomers they seem to be brighter and happier.

Whether you have a short haired pet, long-haired pet or one that requires clipping it is good to get rid of the old and in with the new. A good brushing – takes out the old winter coat, undercoat and any little bits of things that managed to get “stuck” to your pet. A good bath – gets rid of the old dander, loose dry hairs and bits of skin. A good clipping – gets it all off and takes away weight.

The skin needs to breathe and to remove the excess and to scrub it all up lets it have a chance for some fresh air. So, as we head into the lighter, brighter weather lets have our pets do the same.

Written by Lisa Clifford