July is Pet Fire Prevention Month

July 15th is Nation Pet Fire Safety Month and has been since 2008. Use this as a reminder that we should be on top of making sure that we are keeping our pets safe from fires and able to get them out of harm’s way. Let’s look at some things that we can plan to make sure that your whole family are safe.

  1. Have an escape plan – Work out the best route for your family to escape. Is it a door, window, what’s the plan if the pet isn’t in the room with you?
  2. Assign roles – Assign one person to “dog duty,” another to grabbing the carrier or leash. Avoid all scrambling to do the same thing.
  3. Leash and carrier – Once you know your escape plan (prepared ahead), have the leash or carrier on the route that someone has to the outside.
  4. Know where your pet hides – When the alarm is going off, and all are scrambling, make sure you know where they may be hiding. Under the bed, in the closet, where do they hide when company is over?
  5. Access route – It is possible that you must leave the house in a crisis without them for your safety, it is suggested to leave a door open and call to them (never go back into the house). Ideally, this would be the door or access that they regularly use.
  6. Know where they will go once out of danger – It will be loud and scary when there is a fire. Make sure that you all know where they can be safe. This may be in a carrier or leashed up and set in a vehicle, the neighbours, etc.
  7. A pet fire sticker – Having a sticker on your window or door alerts the responders that pets are in the home. This is especially important if you are not at home when there is a crisis or fire.

Get a sticker! As a help for you this year, we have stocked up on pet fire stickers and would love to have you stop by the clinic and pick one up for your home.

Let’s work together in their safety!

Written by Manitou Animal Hospital