Can You Guess the Staff Member by the Info

Can you guess which staff member is which? Below there is a list of the staff and then some interesting fact about them.  Do you think you know who we are?

1) Lisa Clifford
2) Peter Grinberg
3) Eva Kornic
4) Rebecca Menary
5) Caitlin Goodsell
6) Alisa Weaver
7) Amanda Leveille
8) Brittany Gaw
9) Rita Stemeroff
10) Stacey Gilbert
11) Stacy Murphy
12) Mandy Corbeil
13) Brie Bingham
14) Megan Rysdale
15) Brittany Wallis
16) Amanda Porter
17) Kelly Manser
a) Became a Technician at college in Alberta
b) Tech who loves camping and garage sales
c) Aide who is also currently taking Social Work at College
d) Tech who is also trained as a wildlife rehabilitator
e) Tech who also is a Beachbody instructor
f) Vet who plays Ringette for fun
g) Receptionist who loves the Blue Jays
h) Tech who also works at the Kitchener Humane Society
i) Tech who volunteers to work every Saturday
j) Receptionist who loves to spend time with her new horse
k) The 186th Registered Vet Tech in Ontario
l) Receptionist who originates in Port Elgin
m) Started work here on June 27, 1995 as Registered Vet Tech
n) Aide who also works at a grooming salon
o) Born in Singapore
p) Most recent Tech to join our team
q) Worked as a Vet in Newfoundland after graduating


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Written by: Lisa Clifford, RVT