World Sight Day

The second Thursday in October is observed as World Sight Day. This is an excellent reminder to keep an “eye” on our pets’ eyes. Sight is very precious, and in pets, the eyes are often overlooked.

Squinting, goopy eyes, redness, cloudiness or pawing at the face are often the first signs that we may notice that something is up with our pets’ eyes. All eye concerns should be addressed and very likely need a visit to the vet. Eye issues can range in scope and severity, from conjunctivitis and allergies to ulcers, cataracts and tumours, so we wouldn’t want to miss anything. With the advancement of veterinary medicine we now also have the availability of offering further workups with Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologists.

Some preventative eye care is straightforward and easily done at home. Keep the hair trimmed and away from the eyes – hair near the eyes act as wicks and can draw things like dust and debris into the eye. Wipe away the dark discharge that may accumulate near the eyes – especially noted in smaller breed dogs – as again it can draw in debris. The second concern with this is that the longer the discharge sits on the skin there is also a concern of causing sores on the skin in the area. And finally – look at the eyes daily for any changes – they are the “window to the soul,” and we want to keep them healthy.

Written by Manitou Animal Hospital