The Adventure of Taking Photos with Your Pets

We are in the process of updating our website – the content and the photos! Have you ever taken outstanding pictures of your pets? If yes, then I am impressed.

As the pictures come in from various staff members, I see some perfect and well-behaved pets and then some who have places they would rather be. Anywhere else but in the photos. I notice that most staff members had to send in many options. My dogs are usually pretty well behaved, but as soon as they have to stay for the pictures, they suddenly seem to be odd. Frozen, stiff, moving, or angry – most are not thrilled.

It would be more spontaneous to take a picture on a walk or laying in bed with us, but the ones we took to the website are special. They show a bit of us at work (thus the scrub shirts) and a bit of us at home (the backgrounds). This is what makes us unique- we are a mix of home and work, people and our pets.

That being said, it was fun to get them to be in pictures, and they just don’t realize how much we want them to be with us as part of our family photos. We all have many more pets at home, but difficult get a few to stay still let alone the rest.

Written by Manitou Animal Hospital