Amanda Leveille, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up with a nurse for a mom, the medical field was always fascinating to me. I have always enjoyed working with and looking after animals, so animal medicine was what I wanted to learn. After high school, I completed a diploma in Equine Studies at Kemptville College and then went on to do a Veterinary Technician program at Ridgetown College, graduating in 2005. Shortly after graduation, it was time to start my career. I dropped off my resume on a busy day at Manitou Animal Hospital and ended up staying for an hour to help out. I started working a week later. When I first started my career as a veterinary technician, talking to clients was intimidating. As my knowledge and confidence grew, I learned that I quite enjoy talking to clients and helping them make their pet's lives as good as possible. I particularly enjoy discussing nutrition. As with many aspects of veterinary medicine, this area is continually growing as we learn more and more about what our pets need nutritionally.

The thing I love most about working at Manitou Animal Hospital is that I get to go to work every day and do something I enjoy doing - caring for animals as well as helping people to care for their pets. The staff at this hospital feel like my 'other' family. The first pet was a budgie named Buddy. My favourite memory of Buddy was letting him out of his cage every morning so that he could join me for breakfast. He used to sit on the side of my cereal bowl and eat my cereal. My husband and I live with a few fur-children. Barley, our Rat Terrier-Miniature Poodle and Miley, our Yorkshire Terrier-Miniature Poodle; three short-haired cats, Domino, Sunshine, and Bella; and a green singer finch, Frankie. I also have a horse, Teddy, but unfortunately, he doesn't live at home.


Lisa Clifford holding two dogs

Being a Veterinary Technician

October was Veterinary Technician Month, though many of us feel that it could be a year-round celebration.

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