Dr. Eva Kornic, DVM


I liked animals and medicine even as a child, so it was an obvious choice to pursue a veterinary career. I graduated in 1998 and joined the clinic right out of school. I have a special affinity for my geriatric patients. With their increased needs, it is motivating to see what we can do to make things better for them (be it medications, supplements, diet, or their daily home care and living arrangements). I love that I get to interact with fuzzy critters and have the opportunity to make them feel better (and be paid for it). That was the expectation when I became a veterinarian. However, I have discovered that I do enjoy talking to their owners as well. It is nice to meet people from such diverse backgrounds and to share my knowledge about their pet’s health.

My favourite thing about the clinic is that we can share our thoughts and ideas about our patients so that we come up with the best and cohesive plan for their care. We are always free to ask questions or contribute to someone else’s knowledge base.

My first pet was a bunny that my Sunday school teacher gave me. My parents bought a friend for it and we then had a lot of bunnies. Sometimes, I pick up accents very quickly and unintentionally. I remember being on a ‘see as many sights as you can in 12 days’ tour of Europe with my parents as a teenager; I caught myself speaking English with a slight Italian accent, after spending all of two days in Italy!