Brie Bingham

Lead Customer Care Representative

Social Media Coordinator

Although I didn’t go to secondary school intending to join the veterinary field (I have a Diploma of Business from Conestoga College), I am so happy that I did. I joined the Manitou Animal Hospital team in January 2018 and haven’t stopped learning since the day I started here. Tick awareness and prevention is a topic that really interests me! Everyday at the clinic is different and presents a new challenge to overcome. I love getting to know our clients and sharing stories about our pets and their antics.

At home I have a border collie german shepherd mix named Sadie who keeps my boyfriend and I busy with all her energy!

My first pet was a budgie bird named Mr. Tilton, named after the lake my family cottage is on, where we found him. My family and I were sitting outside when he landed on the table in front of us and started talking! No one ever claimed him, so we took him home with us. He would always mimic the microwave and phone noises and call himself a “pretty boy”.