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Did You Know That November 7th Is National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day?

It all began when Terry Simons, a dog trainer and agility competitor, in 2011 found out that his beloved dog Reveille was diagnosed with Lymphoma.


Cleaning out Your Linens

Spring cleaning or Fall cleaning it doesn’t matter – sometimes it is good to replace our towels, and blankets. Consider what to do with them.

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Does Your Dog Know When You Are Sick or Sad?

Did you ever notice how your pets are able to sense when you are ill or sad? They are great at picking up ‘cues’ that something isn’t right and we need the extra cuddles.

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Senior Pets

The senior stage of a pets life can be a wonderful, but sometimes difficult time. It’s difficult that pets age so much faster than us. Common things we see in our senior pets include slowing down, difficulty getting around, decreased hearing and sight, sometimes a decreased sense of smell.