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Cleaning out Your Linens

Spring cleaning or Fall cleaning it doesn’t matter – sometimes it is good to replace our towels, and blankets. Consider what to do with them.


Halloween Anxiety with All the Trick or Treaters

The ringing of the doorbell and the sound of little people coming up to the house on Halloween night is lots of fun for the most of us, however, can cause your pet to be quite anxious or even look for ways to escape.

senior dog

Senior Pets

The senior stage of a pets life can be a wonderful, but sometimes difficult time. It’s difficult that pets age so much faster than us. Common things we see in our senior pets include slowing down, difficulty getting around, decreased hearing and sight, sometimes a decreased sense of smell.


Why Cats Need Vet Clinic Visits

Cats are often the forgotten pet when it comes to routine annual visits to the veterinary clinic. Cats, however, need to be yearly checked over as well, even those that are indoors.