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Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

Some of the common symptoms of arthritis in dogs include limping, stiffness, tiredness, and difficulty moving. You may also see muscle atrophy, licking or chewing at areas of discomfort. Dogs that suffer from arthritis of the spine may also show a hunched or stiff appearance in their neck or back.


Senior Cat Care

Age is not a disease. We want to be able to help our senior cat companions live out their golden years as well as possible. Let us help you ensure that your cat has the best quality of life throughout its senior years. Regular exams will give us an opportunity...

Veterinarian holding a cat

Cat Deworming

There are a variety of worms that cats can get from the environment and from what they eat. Fortunately, we have tools to diagnose intestinal parasites, as well as treat them. We would love to help you ensure that your cat and your home is worm free. Ask us about...