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Microchipping a Dog

Microchipping your dog or cat is a great idea. If your pet ever gets lost, a microchip can be the difference between finding its way back home to you or being unclaimed at a shelter.

Senior Dog Care

Senior pets are different from our Geriatric pets. This is their middle age when changes are starting to happen – and preventive care can have the most significant impact.

Overweight Dog Help

Obesity is a huge issue in the pet world. Extra treats, too much food and not enough exercise can all lead to additional weight that can have a huge impact on your dogs’ quality of life and life expectancy.

Dog with bandaged arm and wearing a cone

Dog Emergency Vet

One thing all pet owners’ worry about – is what do I do if my pet has an emergency. Give us a call right away! We will assess the problem over the phone and let you know if it is something that needs to be seen immediately or can be...