Saying goodbye is never easy – but we want to work with you individually to make the process as comfortable as possible.

What is pet euthanasia and how do I know when it’s the right time?

“When it’s the right time”? Is there a “right time”? These are questions we all ask ourselves as our pet become old and ill. At Manitou Animal Hospital, we offer “Quality of Life” examinations so that you can discuss these very questions with a Veterinary team member. The Veterinarian will assess your pet and discuss options available to improve the pets’ comfort level, and the prognosis for their condition. This is a nice time to also discuss options available to pet owners regarding euthanasia & the aftercare of your pet. Ashes can be returned in your choice of urn. A beautiful memorial paw print coloured to match your pet’s fur is also available.

Can I say goodbye to my pet in the comfort of our home?

Although home euthanasia is not a service available directly through our clinic, please call us, and we can work with you to find a recommended service that does home euthanasia.

How is the euthanasia drug administered?

Euthanasia is usually done in two steps. A sedative injection is given first – very similar in method to getting a vaccine. Sometimes this injection can sting just a bit but stops almost instantly. This takes away any discomfort or anxiety your pet may be experiencing and relaxes them to the point they are usually laying down calm and relaxed. This stage may take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. At this point a second injection is given into their vein – this medication is an overdose of an anesthetic, allowing them to pass very peacefully. Owners can stay with their pets for the entire procedure but can leave at any time they want.

What is the cost of pet euthanasia?

Cost varies on the weight of your pet and the options you would like.

Does your clinic provide bereavement counselling?

We don’t have counselling available post-euthanasia, but our team members are always here to listen. We can offer the names of some grief counselling services that our clients have used and been happy with.