X-ray and ultrasound are diagnostic tools we use to visualize internal structures (what we cannot see from the outside).

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How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

An x-ray is a flat image, used mainly to determine size and shape or organs, bones, and gas. We use x-rays to look at things like bones, joints and the chest. We can get views that show concerns that need to be addressed.

How do you use ultrasound at your clinic?

Ultrasound is a useful diagnostic tool that allows the use of sound waves to look at the structure of internal organs. The great thing about ultrasound is that it is non-invasive (allows us to look at the organs without major surgery). Ultrasound can show a structural problem, but does not show us the function of the organ – blood work shows function, and this is why both are usually needed for an accurate diagnosis.

How should I prepare my cat for their x-ray or ultrasound appointment?

Often there is no preparation for radiographs, but sometimes we need to give a bit of sedation to your cat to help with discomfort and positioning. If this is the case, then your cat needs to be fasted (food withheld) for 6-8 hours prior to the procedure. When doing ultrasound we typically need your cat fasted 12+ hours. Food in the stomach obstructs full visualization of the stomach and surrounding organs. If there is food present, abnormalities can be missed.

How do I schedule an ultrasound if my pet is not a patient at Manitou Animal Hospital?

Your pet’s veterinarian must request an ultrasound by referral. For referring clinics, please contact our clinic by phone to schedule all ultrasound referral appointments and to get our referral form emailed to you.

How much does a cat x-ray or ultrasound exam cost?

X-rays are charged based on how many and what type is required. We charge a little more for the initial one as this includes the setup fee as well. After that, each one that is needed is charged individually. Ultrasounds costs are based on what area we are checking and if additional diagnostics or sedation is also needed. Please contact the clinic for all quotes.

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