June is National Blood Donor Month

As the month of June is National Blood Donor Month, it might be interesting to know that there is a blood donor spot for your dog very close at the University of Guelph.

They collect blood products from pets and they are in turn, used to treat the hospitalized pets at the Animal Hospital at the University. They use approximately 500 transfusions each year and could not do this without help from the public, a single donation can help up to four different patients.

There are several benefits for the pets that donate as well: free heartworm testing in spring, free heartworm preventative for the season, free nail trims after each donation, free annual blood checkups, urine and stool checks, free physical exam by a Registered Veterinary Technician before donations, an 8 kilogram bag of dog food after each donation, and a free bag of treats as well.

The best donors are large (~ 25kg), friendly, healthy dogs between the ages of 1-5 years old. They must be eating a kibble or cooked diet and are required to give blood every 2-3 months.

If you think this sounds like your dog and this is something you would be interested in looking into, we have noted the contact information here:

University of Guelph
Ontario Veterinary College
OVC Health Sciences Centre Blood Donor Bank
Guelph Ontario N1G 2W1
Telephone: 226.924.5794

Email blooddon@uoguelph.ca, and download the application Blood Donor Application Form.

Written by Manitou Animal Hospital