Dog Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

Urinalysis is a crucial lab test that we can run right here in-clinic. We can rule out urinary tract diseases, such as bladder infections and stones. It is also helpful when assessing kidney function and diagnosing diabetes. Fecal testing checks for intestinal parasites, and other organisms which can be harmful to your dog, and also transferred to you.

Why are canine fecal examinations recommended yearly?

Fecals allow us to check for intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, coccidia and giardia. These can be very harmful to your pet and cause issues such as diarrhea (which is not fun for anyone). Many of these can affect us as well.

If my dog’s urine test reveals a urinary tract infection, what can I do?

When an infection is present we recommend antibiotic therapy. Ensuring that you give the medications according to directions, monitor any changes (have accidents stopped? Smell gone?) and recheck the urine before antibiotics ending.


Being a Veterinary Technician

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