Blood Tests for Dogs

Running blood testing on your dog is a great way to check for diseases and organ function. The wonderful thing about testing your dog’s blood work is the ease that we can do it, and how rapidly we can get results. Unlike with human medicine, we can get some results the same day, or within 24 hours of collection. This way we can get onto treating your dog very quickly.

Why is it important to perform blood tests for dogs?

Blood work is a great tool for your dog’s health. If we run blood work when your dog is well, we can get a baseline for further changes as they age. It also may find underlying issues we can address sooner. If we run blood work when your dog is feeling poorly it can help us to understand the stage or severity of disease, help us in a direction for diagnosing disease and show underlying issues.

How do I interpret my dog’s blood test results?

Part of us taking the blood includes the doctor assessing the results. They look at the results along with the rest of your dog’s medical history and can assess the issues. We also have the ability to contact specialists and discuss the bloodwork with them to help in making a diagnosis and a treatment plan for your dog.


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