Stacey Gilbert, VT

Veterinary Technician
I've always had a love for animals and science, so heading into the veterinary field was a natural progression after high school. After completing a high school co-op placement at a local small animal clinic, I knew that I was headed in the right direction. I have been a registered veterinary technician at Manitou Animal Hospital since shortly after graduating from Ridgetown College, the University of Guelph in 1998. As much as I love interacting with clients, the best part of my day is caring for the patients. I love every aspect of animal care (except cat enemas) and aim to make your pet’s experience at our clinic the very best possible. I love that at Manitou Animal Hospital, every day is different, and life never gets boring. The schedule changes hour to hour, so I am always kept on my toes. A fun fact about me is that although I went into veterinary medicine to follow my love for helping animals, I also love helping people reach their health and fitness goals, as an online health and fitness coach in my off hours.


Being a Veterinary Technician

October was Veterinary Technician Month, though many of us feel that it could be a year-round celebration.

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