CCR Brie and her dog

Brie Bingham, CCR

Customer Care Representative

I graduated from Conestoga College with a Diploma of Business in August 2017. Although I didn’t go to school intending to go into the veterinary field, I am so excited to have found a job that I get to be around animals every day! I joined Manitou Animal Hospital in January 2018. My boyfriend and I recently adopted a Border Collie-German Shepherd mix puppy, which sparked my interest in pets and their veterinary care. I love learning more every day about veterinary medicine.

My first pet was a budgie bird named Mr. Tilton, named after the lake my family cottage is on, where we found him. My family and I were sitting outside when he landed on the table in front of us and started talking! No one ever claimed him, so we took him home with us. He would always mimic the microwave and phone noises. What I enjoy most about my job is getting to know our human clients and sharing stories about what our crazy pets do. Oh, and puppy cuddles obviously! My favourite thing about the clinic is the friendly atmosphere we have. The staff here are like family and everyone is always willing to help each other out.


Lisa Clifford holding two dogs

Being a Veterinary Technician

October was Veterinary Technician Month, though many of us feel that it could be a year-round celebration.

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